The Montessori Florida Coalition

2019 Montessori Teacher – Parent Education Days
Barry University

Miami Shores, Florida

Friday, January 25th & Saturday, January 26th, 2019

Our theme for 2019

“Montessori Minds, Hands, and Hearts”


2018 Conference Theme - FINAL

We look forward to seeing you!


 Saturday, January 26th, 2019 Keynote Speaker

American Montessori Society

Executive Director 

Dr. Timothy Purnell

Dr. Timothy PurnellDr. Timothy Purnell is an inspirational leader, strategic planner and educator who proudly serves as the Executive Director of American Montessori Society. Striving for excellence in education has been of utmost importance to him for more than 18 years; filling roles as an educator, administrator, superintendent and now, executive director. In showcasing his devotion to the future of education, he has held numerous honors and awards throughout his career. These include, he was one of just 100 educators selected to attend President Obama’s ConnectED Initiative at the White House, he was selected as the 2016 NASS National Superintendent of the Year, honored as the 2015 Highest Rated Professor in the nation and received the “Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation School Leadership Award” (for studying public education in Italy). His passion and enthusiasm for education is palpable. Dr. Purnell holds a strong belief that children must have a voice in their own educational journey and provides advocacy for continuing the quality of Montessori education. 

 Using Your Montessori Voice to Build a Better World 

Dr. Purnell will discuss the key elements needed to create a lasting, inspirational Montessori movement in both your community, and the world. He believes Montessorians are passionate change-makers, each fulfilling their own journey with the shared goal of a brighter tomorrow—one in which we respect and honor each and every person. He will share his thoughts and reflections on how we can stand united to amplify our voices to reach the masses and secure a humanity filled with grace and courtesy! This is our movement– a movement for a better world.