Friday, April 21, 2017

“Transforming Schools into Caring and Inclusive Communities – The Role of Social and Emotional Learning in Education”  DiBello, Lilia 


Saturday, April 22, 2017

 “The Future of Montessori Education:  A Global Perspective on Opportunities and Challenges”    Ungerer, Richard

“Fun with “FOTNOs” – The Four Operations with Fractions and Forms of Number One”  McGhee, James

“Practical Life in the Toddler Environment”  Breaux, Emily and Aronson, Sara

“The Plight of Montessori Pedagogy in Middle School Education”  Cortezia, William

“Math – Simplify and Learn More”  Deere, Helen

“The Benefits of Yoga for Children and Adults”  McCarthy, Diana and Portal-Casanova, Olga

“Cultivating a Growth Mindset”  Perkins, Samuel

All Day Session – “How to Become an Informed, Efficient, and Prepared Assistant. You are the Lead Teacher’s Right Hand”  Gargiulo-Benitex, Monica

Head of Schools/Administrators Session: “Planting a Mindset to Triumph”  Martinez-Penalver, Beatriz

“Childhood Experiences that Correlate to an Adult of Empowerment and Flourishing”  Rivera, AnaMaria

“Function of Words – Amazing Grammar Experiences”  Laurent, Sylvia

“Teaching Music in the Montessori Classroom”  Curless, Sandra

“Montessori and the Brain: Mainstream Using 10 Principles”  Storch-Updike, Angela

“Food Prep and Beyond in the Toddler Environment”  Campbell, Elizabeth and Binder, Melanie

“The Fundamentals of Effective Discipline”  Rivero de Wenrich, Pepa

“How to Speak to Parents About Montessori Education”  Dempsey, Judy

“Conscious Curriculum for the Senior Elementary and Middle School Educator”  Lipp, Stephanie and Etelson, Tracey

“Childhood Development Across the Spectrum: Identifying Normal Variation in Development, Giftedness, and Developmental Delays”  Garcia, Jessica and DePhilipp, Levi

“Mrs. A”  Mayi, Bindu

“Sensory Approach to Maximizing Students’ Potential”  Amar, Nancy

“I am a Child of the Universe: Understanding Educational Neuro-Science in 21st Century Teaching and Learning”  Gonzalez, Javier

“The Magic of Grace and Courtesy”  Chavez, Ashly

“Linking Montessorians: A Network Session for Teachers and Administrators”  Lassevilee, Leslie

“Teacher Assistants and Interns Networking”  Tasker, Lorena