Friday, January 19, 2018

“Living the Principles of Montessori”  Paul, Dorothy 


Saturday, January 20, 2018

“Reflections and Projections”    Dempsey, Judy

“Como Convertirse en la Mano Derecha de la Guia Montessori”  Gargiulo-Benitez, Monica

“Less is More in the Toddler Environment”  Rodriguez-Malone, Joan

“Cosmic Connections Through Geography and Science”  DeVere, Helen

“A Developmental Approach to Building Social Competency”  Del Castillo, Maria Pia and Perez Miranda, Leticia

“Music Education”  Arteaga, Rodolfo and Soto, Fabio

“Cosmic Education in the 21st Century”  Adair, Amanda

All Afternoon Session – “Infant/Toddler Teacher Assistant Training”  Campbell, Elizabeth and Binder, Melanie

Head of Schools/Administrators Session: “What does it Mean for Education to be Relational and Why is it Critical for School Success?” Arebachala Consuegra, Paola

“Tejido y Costura: Una secuencia de actividades desde Casa de Niños hasta la Primaria (3-9 años)”  Gutierrez, Mariel and Vichez, Gaby

“Re-Discovering the Light Within: A Journey for teachers through A Peaceful Environment”  Tasker, Lorena

“A New Concept: Physical Education, Montessori Style” Murphy, Barbara and Yaconis, Martin

“Giving Every Child the Formula to Triumph” Martinez- Peñalver. Beatriz

“Toddler Music: Circle Time for your Montessori Classroom ” Spinney, Jane

“Practical Life in the Elementary Classroom” Boehme, Gabriele

“Montessori Bells Made Easy” McGhee, Beverly

“The Magnificent Golden Beads: The Decimal System Sensorial and Key Presentations” Laurent, Sylvia and Polanco, Alexandra

“Creando un Ambiente Fuerte para el Aula Primaria Multi-edad de Montessori (6-12 años)”  Simon, Karen

“The Call for Secondary Education” Lipp, Stephanie

“Mindfulness in Movement: bringing peace to your classroom” Zak, Cynthia

“Aulas en Calma”  Alvarez, Victoria

“The Art of Communication” Chacon, Carolina

“The Teenage Brain: Helping Teens Navigate Adolescence” Storch-Updike, Angela

“Presenting a Seamless and Professional Montessori School Office” Jacocks, Melanie

“The Importance of Music and Movement” Ramos, Laura