Friday, January 25, 2019

CA2: Using Counseling Skills to Create Safety and Inclusion in the Classroom”  Shure, Lauren 


Saturday, January 26, 2019

“Using Your Montessori Voice to Build a Better World”  Purnell, Timothy

“Educando a los Padres y  Conectándonos con Ellos” Gargiulo-Benitez, Monica

“Teacher’s Tools for the Soul: Nurturing Spirituality to Model Peace in the Classroom”  Tasker, Lorena

“Cosmic Connections Through Geography and Science”  DeVere, Helen

“Open your World! Ways to promote child literacy in your Montessori Infant or Toddler Community”

Valente, Cristina

“Where the Sidewalk Ends True Discovery Begins” Bishop, Geoffrey

“Montessori Bells: A Refresher Course”  Barreto Loaiza, Kim

Head of Schools/Administrators Session: “Educator Burnout and Compassion Fatigue: Prevention and Self-Care”  Carella, Samantha

“Infant/Toddler Teacher Assistant Training” Rodriguez Malone, Joan

“A Toddler Circle Time Checklist”  Campbell, Elizabeth and Binder, Melanie

“Celebrar y Valorar la Diversidad en el Aula Montessori: Promoviendo una Cultura de Paz”  Ibáñez, Renée

“Psychoeducational Evaluations: A Window into Students’ Minds” Migoya, Judith and Garcia, Jessica

“The First Three Minutes: The Dance of theElementary Particles” Hallenberg, Harvey

“Blast Off!! Discovering Space in the 3-6 Classroom” Victoriano, Victoria and Roatta, Barbara

“Print and Cursive Writing in the Montessori Classroom: Guiding Students with Handwriting Work”

Scheibenzuber, Susan

“Montessori Learning: Importance of the Adolescent Brain” Tracey, Tabbetha and Guhl , Austin

“Montessori on the Move: Movement as an Integral Component of Montessori Education” Murphy, Barbara and Yaconis, Martin

“Let’s Explore! Helping Students To Discover and Learn Independently using Investigation Areas”  Harrison, Julia and Geiger, Kathleen

“El Arte de Comunicar” Chacon, Carolina

“Music Circle Time for your Montessori Classroom (ages 3 – 6)”  Spinney, Jane

“Becoming Montessori Ministers of Peace, Kindness and Happiness”  Dempsey, Judy

“Gentling the Wild Spirit of the Child”  Lipp, Stephanie and Etelson, Tracey

“Fostering Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary Skills in the Montessori Classroom: Web-Based Resources”

DiBello, Lilia ad Kpenkaan, Elizabeth

“Un area de investigacion: Como desarrollar o ayudar al auto aprendizaje en casa de niños”  Gutierrez, Mariel and Vilchez, Gaby

“Observing with New Eyes”  Oliver, Katharine

“Get a Grip! Fine Motor Foundations – The Building Blocks to Successful Handwriting” Amar, Nancy